[drupal-devel] CivicSpace Labs launches new beta site

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 21:18:01 UTC 2005

Despite the title sounding like a press release, it's true what it
says! Neil, Keiran, Ankur, Johnny and I spent literally the last two.5
days pushing through a signficant redesign of civicspacelabs.org
(anyone who was in the menus IRC meeting knows how intellectually
present I was after being up for 29 hours).

In any case, I wanted to invite the Drupal community to come take a
look at a site that will hopefully begin to show what's possible with
Drupal from a UI/experience perspective. There are plenty of other
sites out there that are already pushing the limits of Drupal, but I
would like to make an effort to prove (with documentation!) just how
powerful and robust Drupal is for designers too... as well as make
note of the areas in which Drupal needs vast improvement.

So I'm looking for feedback, good ideas and heck, even volunteers who
want to help throw some code around.

I'm keeping a public log of requests and tasks at:

So thanks to everyone who gave preliminary feedback and helped make
this BETA launch better. Over the next couple weeks I'll be doing a
second iterative redesign... probably moving away from the pastels so
don't complain to heavily if they're not in your bag. ;)


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