[drupal-devel] Folksonomy: No taxonomy.module Changes / URL Design

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Sun Mar 13 14:51:06 UTC 2005

> Are you sure you need uid on term_node? It's inevitably available with a 
> join to node. There's a slight conceptual difference in that 
> term_node.uid would be all the terms I've created whereas term_node join 
> node.uid is all the terms I've used.

I had a discussion very similar to this with killes, before you showed 
up in IRC. Depending on node.uid doesn't give us the flexibility to 
(smartly) create a delicious-style system.

  * delicious presumably stores a URL only once.
  * when someone adds that URL for them, delicious makes a
    relation between the existing URL and the existing uid.

  * now, think of delicious in drupal.
  * user creates a node representing a URL.
  * his node.uid asserts he created it.
  * second user now wants to assert something about that URL.
  * since there's no place to do it (as node.uid is already used),
    a second, duplicate node must now be created. 50 users asserting
    different things about 1 URL means 50 duplicate nodes.
  * with term_node.uid, you're able to store two pieces of information:
    the user who originally created the node (node.uid), and the user
    that is asserting tids associated with the node. this stops data
    duplication, but also opens up the folksonomy to allow all users
    to assert something about anything, whether they created it or not.

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