[drupal-devel] Why is there no designation between hooks and private functions in a module?

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Tue Mar 15 00:15:32 UTC 2005

Op maandag 14 maart 2005 23:23, schreef Torgeir Berg:
> Is it 'let's all pick on Carl day'? A recurring theme perhaps?

Iam not sure if you were referring to me here too. In that case the answer is 
I simply ignore: 
Annoying mails
Ignorant mails. 

And in this case I think this souded like something good, but i simply could 
get the details from the way Carl wrote his first messge, so I asked him for 
more details.

Then next I warned him, that eventhough its a very good idea, its a huge, 
undertaking. One that will simply not happen if no-one just does it.

On a similar note: comments as nodes, or even users as nodes have been 
discussed over-and-over-an-over-an-over, and probably even more often. But 
no-one ever did it. So they are not there. Hell, if all thge hours that went 
into these discussions (yes I am guilty of quite some comments in these 
threads too) were stuck into coding, we would have the whole world as nodes 
by now. 

This, however does not (never!!) mean that you should Just Start Coding. Thats 
the opposite and prolly even worse. but OSS project suffer from debates and 
politics too often, so indeed: 
Just Code is copper, Talk is silver and Good Code In A Patch Or Module  is 
gold. Is that a good alternative?

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