[drupal-devel] Re: Random: Drupal Relationships

Mark mark at nullcraft.org
Tue Mar 15 03:03:07 UTC 2005

Axel Kollmorgen wrote:

> this reminds me much of 
> http://lists.drupal.org/archives/drupal-devel/2003-05/msg00042.html
Wow, that was an interesting read.  When developing the relativity 
module, I took the parent/child approach to defining relationships, 
which didn't seem to be brought up much (just uni-directional and 
bi-directional).  We're now working on per-node options (as opposed to 
per-node-type options) for specifying relationship constraints and 
meta-data.  I didn't know about drupal when this thread was discussed, 
but I am impressed with the ideas that were discussed so long ago.  In 
fact, I was truly surprised that such a generic framework didn't already 
exist.  Were any modules developed as a result of that thread?  Thanks 
for the link.


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