[drupal-devel] subsite - sharing codebase - doesn't work as expected

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Wed Mar 16 21:45:24 UTC 2005

I beg you to please move discussions like this to the drupal-docs list. 
We are try to do some *development* here :)


Morbus Iff wrote:
>>>    If you want a separate Drupal installation under a subdirectory (such
>>>    as www.example.com/site3), it's important that the subdirectory 
>>> exists
>>>    and refers back to the primary location of your Drupal install. For
>>>    example, if your primary installation is located in the directory
>>>    'www.example.com', then the following shell command run in the
>>>    'www.example.com' directory would create a symlink for 'site3':
>>>      ln -s . site3
>> It would be good to be consistent with terms, so maybe
>  > 'document root' should be used when refering to 'the directory'.
> I worry about this. "DocumentRoot" is the name of an Apache directive. 
> The only other place we mention some fort of that in the INSTALL.txt is:
>    This will create a new directory drupal-x.x.x/ containing all
>    Drupal files and directories. Move the contents of that directory
>    into a directory within your web server's document root or your
>    public HTML directory:
> In this paragraph, "document root" == "Apache DocumentRoot". It does not 
> necessarily equate to "Drupal installation directory" or even a "public 
> HTML directory."
> Using "document root" would confuse issues, as "Drupal installation 
> directory" doesn't NECESSARILY equate to the "document root" phrase we, 
> or Apache, has already established.

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