[drupal-devel] Core Folksonomy: Not Ready for term_node.uid?

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Mar 17 02:19:46 UTC 2005

> I suggest to rewrite it to act as follows:
> - a node it passed, it has a couple of tids attached (or not).
> - select all the tids that are attached to the node in the DB.
> - add those tids that were not there before.
> - remove tids that aren't there anymore.
>>With the addition of the term_node.uid though, it becomes
>>not only "what nid/tids do I delete?", but also "what uid's nid/tids do I
>>delete?". And THAT's the big problem.
> Not if rewritten as above. I assume that tids are still unique per node.

tids would be unique per nid per uid:

  nid  |  tid |  uid
  17   |    3 |    9
  17   |    3 |   12
  17   |    4 |   12

and so on.

> You can easily make a list of all terms (maybe sorted by user) and a
> click on the one you want will remove that one (after confirmation).

Where would this screen be?

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