[drupal-devel] Core Folksonomy: Not Ready for term_node.uid?

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Mar 17 14:42:03 UTC 2005

>> >>  nid  |  tid |  uid
>> >>  ------------------
>> >>  17   |    3 |    9
>> >>  17   |    3 |   12
>> >>  17   |    4 |   12
>> >>
>> What's the alternative? The above layout is the only way I can think
>> that multiple users can assign multiple tids to a node, regardless
>> whether they created it or not.
> Well, I'd maintain (nid, tid) as unique. I do not see why users should be
> allowed to assign tags that other users allready assigned to the same

Because that's the user-centric way to do it!

Imagine a "My Tags" feature. Now, say you and I have very similar ways of 
thinking. When a node talks about cats, you put in "tuna fish". When a 
node talks about the phone, you put in "abomination". We've got, for the 
sake of argument, the following:

    nid about phones  | tid for abomination | uid for killes
    nid about cats    | tid for tuna fish   | uid for killes

Fine, no problem. When I click on the "Killes' Tags" link, I'll see the 
above associations, and I laugh: they're exactly what I would have used!

Now, in the case of an image gallery, I'd like to add this cat node to "My 
Albums" (or whatever - work with me here). I click "Add To Album", and I'm 
now working with My Albums, My Pictures, My Tags - not Killes' Tags, 
Killes' Albums or Killes' Pictures. I feel that you forgot "lick" for a 
tag. How dare you forget that "tuna fish" and "lick" go together! If 
I'm/me/Morbus is going to remember or tag this node, it absolutely must 
have "lick"! So, on this "Add To Album" screen, I'm now editing "My Tags" 
for the node. I type in "tuna fish" (because this is "My Tags" not 
"Killes' Tags") and I type in "lick". I click "Save". Great! Following 
along with your desires, we now have:

    nid about phones  | tid for abomination | uid for killes
    nid about cats    | tid for tuna fish   | uid for killes
    nid about cats    | tid for lick        | uid for morbus

What happens when someone clicks on "Morbus' Tags"? With the above layout, 
they're ONLY going to see "lick". But, but, that's not right! I "assigned" 
this node "tuna fish" and "lick"! What happened to "my" tag "tuna fish"? 
In essence, "My Tags" becomes "Unique Tags I've Assigned To A Node". 
That's not how a folksonomy works (remember, "folks" == "users" == 
"user-centric") (and yeah, I realize that  you know nothing about 
delicious, so no worries). Here's a visual sample at delicious:

  # all the URLs that user Qbic has assigned to design.

  # all the users & tags that have annotated a particular URL.

See all repeated 'design' tags here? A user-centric folksonomy (where the 
"user" is the "folk[s]" in "folksonomy") revolves around /the user and 
THEIR choice of tags for a node/, not /the uniqueness of tags per a node/. 
It doesn't matter that you have already assigned "tuna fish". It matters 
that you AND I have, however. The more people who assign "tuna fish" to a 
node about cats, the stronger the association. An assertion can be made: 
"43 people think this node can be represented with the tag 'tuna fish'".

Your approach doesn't allow this.

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