[drupal-devel] Core Folksonomy: New Pager UI Available

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Mar 17 22:03:43 UTC 2005

I've committed some new code. Screenshots below.

The latest update is an attempt at a new administrative display for 
vocabularies and their terms. The goal here is to make something that is 
functional for a vocabulary with 1000+ terms. This code applies equally to 
folksonomy or a controlled vocab. Granted, a 1000+ term folksonomy is a 
lot easier to create than a 1000+ controlled vocab. But. Anyways.

  # the new "show vocabularies" screen. no terms.

  # the "view terms" screen.

I realize the "Help" is now incorrect. It's on the TODO. I've also set the 
pager increment small so as to make a visual example of the new UI. The 
default increment will be 50, not 5. The screenshots don't show it, but 
the display of hierarchies is unchanged from core.

This new pager code seems (feels like?) to take up more changes than the 
actual code necessary to make folksonomy work. It's required though.

The code in CVS is crusty - I had some trouble getting the "add term" tab 
to function properly with the existing (equally crusty) code [1; Help!] I 
added a lot of TODOs today based on this new pager code, as well as 
discussions in #drupal regarding naming, phrasing, input expectations, 
etc., etc. Good stuff. But today's patch is definitely rougher than 
yesterday. I'll begin work anew sometime next week.

[1] Help! I'm not sure how far I should go between fixing the crusty code, 
thus making the patch even bigger and much less about "only" folksonomy, 
or including equally crusty code to complement what's already there. 
Today's patch is all about complementing.

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