[drupal-devel] Why is there no designation between hooks and private functions in a module?

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Fri Mar 18 06:46:47 UTC 2005

>I first noticed something like this happening while working on the
>firefox theme. This is why I am sceptical about using diff patch to do
>something major like this.
If you want to do anything of this sort, you really need to get your 
diff and patch sorted out. They work fine when used correctly.

I submitted a huge patch a couple days ago which affects the way 
plain-text is checked in Drupal. I keep it in a CVS tree so I can do a 
cvs checkout from Drupal and keep the patch up to date with the latest 
code. Then I hit "diff" in WinCVS on the entire tree to create a fresh 

Steven Wittens

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