[drupal-devel] New 4.6 Image module

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Thu Mar 24 05:21:49 UTC 2005

On 23-Mar-05, at 11:30 PM, Gordon Heydon wrote:
>> Now, it's fairly clear the difference between the first two -- one is 
>> for
>> Drupal 4.5 and the other presumably for 4.6 (HEAD). But what about 
>> the third
>> one? Where does it fit in? That's a vastly different file size, such 
>> that
>> "diff" isn't even useful here.
> I think that the version in the 45 directory is to be used as an 
> upgrade
> path, so that you can move to the new version in the directory above.

Actually - the 45 version is just to have a version of this module that 
works with 4.5.x - 'cause some people just couldn't wait ;)

>> I'm trying to test the upgrade process from the stable image.module 
>> from
>> Drupal 4.5 to (something) for Drupal 4.6, but so far it seems that no 
>> matter
>> which version I try, the associated image.inc file from the module 
>> directory
>> conflicts with the image.inc module from Drupal's core "includes" 
>> directory.
> To get this one working, just remove the include image.inc from the top
> of the image.module file.
> Don't feel silly, at the moment we are in a difficult position where 
> the
> version in James sandbox is ready for cvs, but it has not been moved
> to the module directory.
> James said that this is going to happen very soon, and things will be
> alot easier.

Gentlemen - please update your CVS checkouts :) (it's moved)


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