[drupal-devel] Image module's coming out

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Thu Mar 24 05:31:09 UTC 2005

This new image.module that everybody keeps mentioning (you know - the 
one that people blame that "walkah" guy for?) is no longer in my 
sanbox. I've just moved it it's "proper" home at modules/image and 
changed the uid for the project node.

So, besides now having just shy of 200 issues with my name on 'em - we 
also have a place to track bugs/patches and feature requests that is 
not reliant on my inbox. That's a good thing (tm).

So, please everyone - hammer away! I'll be watching the issue queue 
closely (looking particularly for patches ;) . Also, if you're one of 
the people who has emailed me a patch and either haven't heard from me 
(I hope there aren't many of those) or don't see it included - *please* 
file an issue and we'll track it from there.

Just a quick thanks to everyone that's helped test, offered feature 
requests, etc.. keep it coming!

James Walker  ::  http://www.walkah.net/

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