[drupal-devel] Let's weed out contrib

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Thu Mar 24 11:47:15 UTC 2005

On 24 Mar 2005, at 11:40, Karoly Negyesi wrote:

> Hi!
> I am looking for volunteers for the following: weed out contrib.
> -- delete the long-unmaintained modules and themes.

I suggest we remove those modules that have no DRUPAL-4-4 
branch/release AND no DRUPAL-4-5 branch/release.

> -- remove non-GPL items from contrib.

Modules whose license is compatible with the GPL are probably fine.

> Because directories can not be deleted, it's evergrowing and now a 
> mess.
> Therefore I'd say after this process, ask Kjartan or Dries to remove 
> some
> dirs on the FS level.

We could do that.  I suggest we compile a list first.

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