menu translation & ordering (was: [drupal-devel] CivicSpace development moving to Drupal)

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at
Thu Mar 24 13:27:15 UTC 2005

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Gabor Hojtsy wrote:

> >>9. Improved administration structure, visual distinction, intuitive
> >>placement of settings
> >
> > Maybe we can finally agree that it is a Bad Thing(tm) that menu items
> > move when translated...
> No we cannot agree on this. I would not like to see my menu items
> ordered randomly on my hungarian sites...

Now you are confusing me. I think you should agree with me, because with
my proposal we would:

- find a way in which the links should be ordered that provides best
- keep that order after translations.

That wouldn't be random ordering at all. What we currently have is
random ordering. It depends on the chosen langauage and the way the menu
items are translated.


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