[drupal-devel] Changing node type

Tom Dobes tomdobes at purdue.edu
Mon Mar 28 11:28:38 UTC 2005

Maykel Moya wrote:
> I'd several post of type page, but now, I need to switch them to type
> book in order to make them sorteable by weigth and not only by posting
> date.
> It's safe to change the node type in the database from page to book ? In
> case it don't, could you suggest please a manner to achieve switching
> node type.

We used to have a contrib module that could accomplish this [1]. 
(without the need to directly edit the db)  Perhaps we should update and 
revive it.

In the meantime, you'll need to add entries to your "book" table with a 
nid matching that of the node you are converting to the book type.  You 
can set parent and weight to 0 (and leave "log" empty) then modify them 
from within Drupal if you'd like.


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