[drupal-devel] [bug] table and db prefix problems in 4.6RC

chueewowee drupal-devel at drupal.org
Mon Mar 28 14:56:59 UTC 2005

Issue status update for http://drupal.org/node/19595

 Project:      Drupal
 Version:      4.5.2
 Component:    base system
 Category:     bug reports
 Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  Anonymous
 Reported by:  chueewowee
 Updated by:   chueewowee
 Status:       active

Below follows the PHP error message:
Table 'dr_drupal.dr_dr_term_data' doesn't exist query: SELECT * FROM
dr_dr_term_data WHERE tid = "13" in
/Volumes/Files/Users/chuee/Sites/drupal/includes/database.mysql.inc on
line 66.
My tables are prefixed with 'dr_'
The value $db_prefix = 'dr_'; has been inserted into settings.php
An example of the actual tables from the database.mysql can be seen to
-- Table structure for table 'term_hierarchy'
create table dr_term_hierarchy (
  tid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
  parent int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
  KEY tid (tid),
  KEY parent (parent)
When checking all tables in through the dba.module, similar errors are
given for non-core modules such as store.module. So the arror applies
accross the board.
The behaviour when creating content is like this: A post is accepted
for publication according to inspection of the content list, and as
according the log, eg.: 
page: added test conspiracy content.
Hostname, . 
However when clicking on a category term to view publications in the
category browser, a blank pageis returned. When a category has no posts
a normal page with message is displayed: 'There are currently no posts
in this category.' 
John Plum


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