[drupal-devel] hi, etc

Daniel Convissor danielc at analysisandsolutions.com
Wed Mar 30 17:34:56 UTC 2005

Hi Adrian:

On Wed, Mar 30, 2005 at 06:46:54PM +0200, Adrian Rossouw wrote:

> Busy with the Bryght 1.0 release too .. but I did spend a bunch of time 
> on it this weekend.

As you probably saw, I posted code for gathering the site settings from 

Hmm... I'm looking at the status for the default settings.php and see it 
has no tags.  When is this new sites settings system slated for 
implementation?  It seems like 4.6.  I see y'all didn't make a tag for the 
4.6.0 RC that was released.  Wondering why...  It comes in handy to tag 
all releases.

Is your build system for the new system or old system?  If it's using the 
existing conf.php settings system, my gather_site_settings() function can 
be easily tweaked to parse those files into an array of the same 
structure.  Thus, if the table creation functions use that array, it can 
work for either of the settings system.

Do you already have code for doing the table name prefixing and table 
creation?  If so, can you email me off list with what you have so I can 
provide feedback or even do some coding, please.  If not, I can whip 
something up.



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