[drupal-devel] how Yahoo uses Drupal?

gunnar gunnar at langemark.com
Tue May 3 13:41:57 UTC 2005

Very cool.
I know Erin Malone from our work in AifIA. Be aware that Christina Wodtke and
Michael Angeles who have both been active on the Drupal scene are also
Information Architects with a good "rep" in that community. I think it does
reflect on the respect Drupal commands among Information Architects and
consultants. Also note that Drupal was chosen by Yahoo - in part because of
the powerful taxonomy system. I stress this because I fear that some core
developers are not aware of this. Drupal would not be what it is - if it only
had a "nuke" like category tree.


> This is a must read :)
> Goba

Gunnar Langemark
gunnar at langemark.com

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