[drupal-devel] node-associated image module--advice wanted

Nedjo Rogers nedjo at gworks.ca
Wed May 4 22:41:11 UTC 2005

 > Sorry to be a nag, but did you make any progress on this?  I would  love
 > to use your module but might have to program my own custom  solution
 > soon.  Any way I could help?

It's ueful to contact a module author, but you can always help by 
submitting a patch to an existing module needing upgrading.  Just:

* read over the documentation in the handbook on what's needed to 
convert modules
* make needed changes to the current CVS version
* test, make any more needed changes, generate a patch
* create an issue for the upgrade using drupal's issue system, posting 
your patch (or, if you don't have the ability to generate patches, post 
the revised code).

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