[drupal-devel] Problem with printer-friendly version of Handbook(?)

puregin puregin at puregin.org
Thu May 5 00:55:30 UTC 2005


     when I ask for the printer-friendly version of this page:


I get the following:

<html><head><title>Downloading Drupal, modules, themes and 
translations</title><base href="http://drupal.org/" /><style 
@import url(misc/print.css);
</style></head><body><h1 id="68" name="68" class="book-h1">Downloading 
Drupal, modules, themes and translations</h1><?php print 

This looks like a problem to me... why can I see the opening <?php tag?,
but not the closing one?

This causes the handbook printer-friendly html to be non-well-formed.

Is this a problem with book module, or is it in the source of the page?

Could someone have a look at this and let me know?

Thanks, Djun

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