[drupal-devel] node-associated image module--advice wanted

Jeremy Epstein jazepstein at gmail.com
Thu May 5 02:24:33 UTC 2005

On 4/23/05, Ber Kessels <berdrupal at tiscali.be> wrote:
> Enter filters: IMO a simple filter token, in the form of [image: XXXXXX]
> should do the trick. Then the next step would be to make sure all texts
> (comments, nodes, descriptions, biography, blocks, mission, footer,
> header, whatevers, etc) are ran trough filters.
> How exactly [image: XXXXX] would work does not (yet) really matter IMO.
> and what XXXX can, or should be, does not matter either IMO. It could be
> the filename, a nodeID, etc. But it should be standard, and easy to
> remember and learn (node ids are not easy to remember and not easy to
> learn).
> And there could be various "command line options"  for that token. (only
> described in a help text under "advanced" ). Those options can be stuff
> like CSS classes, sizes, alt texts etc. but IMO the defaults should be
> automatically created and should be good: A user *may* give a size, but is
> never forced to; the default sizes, when not given are good enough.

The image_filter module (http://drupal.org/node/9707) already does
exactly this. With this module, you can enter "[image:nid]" in the
body of a node, and that string is replaced with a thumbnail of the
image specified by that nid. Latest version of this module is for 4.5,
and I doubt it would work with the new image module, given all the
changes - but it really should be upgraded to 4.6.

I use image_filter on my site, whenever I'm writing a new article, and
I want to whack an image in somewhere. The module has a whole bunch of
parameters, such as alignment, thumbnail heigt/width, etc., making it
easy to customise each inline image. It should allow you to enter the
node title instead of the nid (usability issue) - but that's something
the 4.6 version can address when it's released.

I agree that using a filter is the best way to go about handling
images in nodes. I'd also like to see filtering be applied to all text
that's outputted on the page. That is, things other than the body of a
node (e.g. taxonomy descriptions, headers, footers, mission
statements, block content) should have filters applied to their text.


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