[drupal-devel] Retaining CVS history over moves (was: PHPTemplatehits core)

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Thu May 5 09:54:45 UTC 2005

>>If you read the cvs manual you will see that you actually have to manually
>>move files in the archive itself. The is done outside of the cvs interface.
>>So it is a real pain.
> That's what I thought too... but Chris' message made it seem like it
> could be done from a client (without manually manipulating the
> repository).  Oh, well... I guess that was just wishful thinking. 
> Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the noise.

It does not matter, since only the core committers could commit there, 
and they have direct acccess to the CVS machine too.


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