[drupal-devel] Community density

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Fri May 6 10:56:49 UTC 2005


Last night I asked Steven to send me data about how many users have 1 node, 
2 nodes and so on.

Of the 22695 users, 18219 have zero nodes. This means that most of the users 
are just commenting or not contributing at all. 

If we want to size the "hard core" of the community, there are 66 users who 
have written 25% of all nodes, they have at least 39 nodes and 78 nodes in 

A bigger circle is the 302 user who have written 50% of the nodes. They have 
written at least 12 nodes, the average is 32 nodes. Given that the 
definition of "belongs to the community" is a very subjective one, I say we 
have a 300 user community which is real amazing. 22K, of course sounds 
better, but those are not active.



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