[drupal-devel] Community density... And the Lurkers shall Inherit the Web

puregin puregin at puregin.org
Fri May 6 23:14:02 UTC 2005

Hi Matthew,

      good to hear from you.  We can definitely use your editing/
tech writing/QA talents!   Are you subscribe to the drupal-docs
mailing list too?  If not, please consider joining and help us
make Drupal's documentation and help texts 'great'.



On 6 May 2005, at 9:07 AM, Matthew Hildebrand wrote:

> I definitely agree here, I consider myself to be a lurker, not only 
> here,
> but several other places as well. However, after I feel that I have 
> been
> brought up to speed on things, my goal is to jump in feet-first and 
> become
> an "active, participating" (rather than "passive, lurking") member of 
> the
> Drupal community. Having been just introduced last week to the Drupal 
> system
> (and immediately adopting it over the several previous CMSs that I've 
> worked
> with), I'm still learning how the software works and how the community
> works. I have gained invaluable knowledge from being a "passive, 
> lurking"
> member of other communities, where I later became one of the most 
> active
> members.
> --Matthew Hildebrand
> p.s. My background is in editing/tech writing & software QA, so I'm 
> trying
> also to decide where I can be most useful in the community (and still 
> feel
> like I'm enjoying myself as well).

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