[drupal-devel] Bridge email lists and forums?

Matt England mengland at mengland.net
Sun May 8 20:48:25 UTC 2005

At 5/8/2005 07:36 AM, K B wrote:
>There has been a discussion in the forums of having a cleaner
>directory structure for Drupal.

Would it be useful to bridge email-list content with corresponding forum 
content so that each community (the email-listers and the forum posters) 
could see each other's submissions automatically (and with zero change to 
their current mode of operation)?

I suspect so.  Right now I see two different Drupal communication areas 
(forums and lists) talking about the same thing, and it seems that it would 
be useful to merge the two areas.  (Alas, this problem is duplicated only 
about a million times over in various web communities...well, I might 
embellish a bit with "a million," but probably not much.)

Some existing solutions:

Mail2Forum: http://mail2forum.com
CM2F: http://www.digitalgraal.dynalias.net/

Someday I hope the world can agree on a global means sync email lists and 
forums (and other similar mechanisms like Usenet) with the same 
content.  Until then:  would it be useful for Drupal to implement something 
like this for its forums?


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