[drupal-devel] "Automatic relative URL" generation?

Matt England mengland at mengland.net
Mon May 9 02:47:36 UTC 2005

Can Drupal support "automatic relative URL" generation?

By automatic relative URL" I mean something similar to MediaWiki's "[[]]" 

For example, rather then hard-coding this entire URL into the content of 
this message:

...I would prefer the Drupal new-post mechanism take this URL string and 
auto-convert it to something that just says "/node/21832" and will 
automatically change if the server is "assigned" a new primary "base" 
URL/domain address. This can also help (and is my biggest purpose) with 
local "caches" of Drupal content for "snapshot" reference, say as an 
included documentation set for a product that was developed using Drupal 
for said product's collaboration and/or documentation.

Alternatively, maybe Drupal could allow the author to make a reference like 
[[node/21832]] to do the same as above (and still support pathauto aliases 
in the process).

Does my explanation make any sense?

Does this capability exist? Possibly via some module or patch?


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