[drupal-devel] Drupal.org visual status

Kent Livingston klivingston at worldwebsystems.net
Tue May 10 18:42:52 UTC 2005

What I feel a *little* less dumb about (but am going to duck anyway) is
something I've brought up before and that's the, to me, unsightly
overlapping elements on drupal.org home page. 
As I opened up the page today in IE, or Firefox The 'bright green' download
'block' overlaps and sits on top of the 'skin toned' main introductory block
at the top of the page. And the dark blue tabs bunch "down" and under at the
right side of the top row covering/layering over the search input field.  

Yes, if you always use fully expanded web pages it looks fine, but there are
legions of people who like to see multiple windows at one time and don't
keep all their application windows maximized to full screen.  For us the
Drupal site looks pretty odd. No, I don't have an answer. Steve and I have
gone around a bit on this before but I just don't think it represents the
best of what Drupal can do visually. And since my foot is so far into my
mouth already I might as well say that the color combinations make me a tiny
bit sea-sick.  (I'm not quite suicidal enough to say anything about the

There have been major improvements for which I applaud Steve and others, but
I would like to encourage the 'presentation' contributors to consider what
might improve the 'flagship' and take it to the next level. I realize this
is somewhat secondary to the back-end, but it is important as it is the
visible 'face' of Drupal.  I would say the visual presentation on the Drupal
site is maybe 12-24 months behind the conservative edge of web site design
look and feel. 

As I get ready to duck the tomatoes, and the "well do something about it,
complainer" messages ;-), I think honest feedback that is outside the realm
of having the skills to contribute can be seen as a contribution in of
itself.  Ok, let them fly...    -Kent 

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