[drupal-devel] prune tables

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Wed May 11 14:38:10 UTC 2005

On Tue, 10 May 2005, Boris Mann wrote:

> On 10-May-05, at 5:47 PM, K B wrote:
> >> What I'd rather see is more than one watchdog / accesslog table.
> >>
> >> There would be a small "current" table. When it has reached maybe 500
> >> entries, those get moved to a big backup table and the current
> >> table gets
> >> pruned. This could be done by cron. This would require locking, I
> >> think.
> >>
> >> Which advantages does that have?
> >>
> >> - We work with a small table on normal page views. Inserts are fast.
> >> - We still have all the data we want on admin pages.
> Can we/should we dump to disk, like "regular" log files?

Sure we can, but why should we, ie what would we gain?

> The Drupal statistics really aren't very useful right now, other than
> popular files. Either that or I'm too dense to understand the tables
> vs. log file parsers like (e.g.) AWStats.

The Drupal stats are very usefull if you are interested in popular pages
or what individual users are doing. The last thing is something awstats
and Co. cannot track (unless Apache would be logging session info).
I use this feature if a user is having some difficulties on the site.


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