[drupal-devel] CiviCRM, Civicgroups, OG, Profile- Playing together

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Fri May 13 19:58:30 UTC 2005

> Excellent criticism...with no suggestions on how to fix this.
> We (Bryght) ship profile + FOAF pre-configured, so it "just works".  
> It is "solved" by a mapping interface between defined profile  
> fields and the standard set of FOAFnet fields. Of course, core  
> Drupal ships with profile empty, which means it takes a while to  
> configure. I think  we had discussed this a while back...shipping  
> profile with a set of pre-defined, standard fields.

Thank you for providing a viable solution to improving the  
situation.  I'll work to see what we can do to have this better  
configured out of the box in our next release, as well as write  
documentation to help others use it correctly.


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> Boris Mann
> http://www.bmannconsulting.com

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