[drupal-devel] Fwd: Bayosphere

K B kbahey at gmail.com
Mon May 16 01:46:37 UTC 2005

Since Dan Gillmor is well known to the Slashdot crowd, and his
articles are featured there every now and then, I submitted the story

So, there is a chance for drupal.org being slashdotted if the article
gets accepted.

Dries: this would be a good test for the performance patches you were
working on :-)

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On 15 May 2005, at 19:37, K B wrote:

> I wrote a small article in the forums and promoted it to the front
> page.
> If anyone wants to flesh it out, please either edit it directly, or if
> you do not have the permissions, reply to this with more info that I
> can add.

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