[drupal-devel] Docking Boxes.

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Mon May 16 08:22:57 UTC 2005

> Oh, absolutely. I have included JavaScript menus in several Drupal sites
> I have constructed. Since Drupal prefers not to have JavaScript (AFAIK),
> maybe just inot include it with core, or if it is included, have it
> disabled by default?

We love JavaScript as long as

a) Works with all browsers. (At least IE6, Opera, Firefox, Safari, 
b) Degrades nicely.
c) There is real gain from using it.

Autocomplete fields (nice job, Thox) are a prime example. However, his 
implementation still have problems with a). And most likely, every 
implementation will have problems there. The reason for not having JS in 
Drupal yet is the job required for true cross-browser JS.



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