[drupal-devel] Docking Boxes.

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Mon May 16 18:24:12 UTC 2005

A couple thoughts.

+1 for not rolling our own JS library. It would be counterproductive
and there is already good work being done (SAJAX, prototype.js and
Dojo, my personal favorite simply because I know the main developer).
Drupal should focus on the backend stuff and integrate with someone
else's JS layer where possible.

+1 for accessibiIity. I wholly agree with Andrea that whatever we
provide needs to be accessible. This is a core value of the Dojo
project and I already have some ideas for "accessifying" the latest
Docking Box example.

Anyway, this is a good discussion and I wonder if anyone has opinions
about the various JS libraries that are out there, since now you know
my bias.


On 5/16/05, Andrea Resmini <vector at exea.it> wrote:
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> Bèr,
> >>a) Works with all browsers. (At least IE6, Opera, Firefox, Safari,
> >>Konqueror)
> >>b) Degrades nicely.
> >>c) There is real gain from using it.
> >
> > d) it is efficient code (http://home.earthlink.net/~kendrasg/info/js_opt/)
> > e) it does not open security holes
> > f) it is safe enough not to -ever- crash a browser.
> >
> > ad f) the fill out stuff, as used on php.net, and by the google test labs, is
> > knwh to crash khtml, and thus konqueror and safari. IMO crashing is even
> > worse than "not working".
> Also add to the list 'does not impair using the web site if disabled',
> since accessibility requires that front-ends and back-ends (hence the
> administrative portion) work nicely without Javascript, to allow users
> with disabilities complete use of the site's functions even if they use
> helpers, screen-readers, do not use a keyboard / mouse, etc.
> For example, the recent (2004) italian Accessibility Act requires all
> public offices to only adopt CMS which comply with the above (obviously,
> among other requirements partly derived from the USA Section 508 and
> from the WAI WCAG).
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