[drupal-devel] drupal.css, again (still)

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Thu May 19 10:11:07 UTC 2005

Op donderdag 19 mei 2005 06:03, schreef Chris Messina:
> But, to get back to the topic at hand here, we need to think on this
> topic for just a moment longer and look at why drupal.css is such a
> pain in the ass and why it continues to be forced on themers.

Okay. let's indeed focus this discussion on the drupal.css :)

> The points raised about usability, to my thinking, don't hold up.
> Besides the weird floated admin boxes, I don't know where drupal.css
> makes the standard xhtml UI more "usable", especially if you rip out
> the module-specific stuff. Additionally and as such, this really comes
> back to the integrated admin UI issue.
Not everywhere. we /do/ need floats for standardbook navigation. And we /do/ 
need local task tabs to work. etceteras. there are loads of think hat should 
just work .
So let us focus on what should just work, and what not. 

> Given that, it seems like we 
> ought make drupal.css optional for themers and begin work on the
> Drupal admin UI theme.
Could we raise hand on this never neding discussion and decide, here and now 
wether or not it should be optional?

I vote for non-optional. -1 on optional.

> It seems like drupal.css should really handle 
> drupal-specific UIs -- the stuff that themers probably don't care to
> touch, and I posit that those UIs are the ones under the /admin path.

Don't care to touch shoul not be the criterium. Don't need to touch should be 
it, IMO. difference being tha everyone will need indentation on the ULs -for 
example- in the navigation menu

so another ule of thumb i would like to put forward:

*if we think we need whitespace in drupal.css it should *alwasy* be 1em and 
never 1px or 0.85em, or other silly things like that.
Do we all agree on *always* using 1em for whitespace?

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