[drupal-devel] creating drupal-doc teams

Kobus Myburgh ITBJDM at puknet.puk.ac.za
Fri May 20 06:10:46 UTC 2005


If there is a place where I can be involved, please let me know. I am not very big on the coding, so this is a good area for me to get involved in.



>>> cel4145 at cyberdash.com 5/20/2005 12:02 AM >>>
Currently, it seems we have lots of interest in taking Drupal 
documentation in new and interesting directions. To facilitate this, I'd 
like to see if we can't form some documentation teams. Much like I asked 
if Djun and Bryan would be in charge of reorganizing the About section 
of the handbook, I'd like us to form other two person teams for any 
major area that we have expressed interest in developing.

Here are just a few examples of some areas I could imagine

Documentation teams for

* Restructuring/reorganizing each of the new handbook sections as 
defined on the V2 page:


For example, the About the handbook section. We need a couple of people 
to be in charge of our authoring guidelines and best practices for 
creating Drupal handbook documentation.

(Anisa spearheaded the style guide revision; perhaps we could coax her 
and one other person to handle the About the handbook section?)

* Best practices for configuring and building Druapl sites

(Roland has already volunteered for this one :) Is there another?)

* Initiatives for improving the collaborative book and other 
technological solutions to improve Drupal documentation usability, 
integration, and creation.

(Djun has already been working on this. Perhaps he'd like to be one of 
the team members. We'd only need one other volunteer then.)

* Marketing materials

(Andre? You seem to have lots of marketing ideas :)

* Etc.

The documentation team would be responsible for most decisions regarding 
their project (in some cases there might be some overlap between other 
documentation teams, so they'd have to coordinate). Initially, I would 
hope that each documentation team would run a proposal by the 
drupal-docs list so that all of us could offer feedback in the 
construction of their individual project so that a good compromise of 
the important opposing interests (if any) can be reached.

Otherwise, let us know when new documentation is posted (maybe this will 
be automated) so that we can offer feedback and suggestions. Or when the 
documentation team members are having trouble solving an issue between 
themselves, contact the list for assistance in resolution.

In the case of any who volunteer for restructuring/revising the handbook 
sections, if they would like, they could also continue on as the offical 
book maintainers for those new books.

If anyone has ideas for other documentation team areas, please respond 
to this post via the drupal-docs list. I've mentioned a few people here, 
but I'm sure there are a lot more. If anyone would like to volunteer to 
be a documentation team member for a specific project, feel free to post 
to the drupal-docs list or contact me privately.

Once the documentation teams have been created, I'll create a page in 
the About handbook section so that people know who's in charge of 
individual projects.

I hope this works well for everyone. Putting people in charge of 
specific areas seems to me the best way for us to get the things we want 


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