[drupal-devel] PHP string functions overloading for multibyte support

Piotr Szotkowski shot at caltha.pl
Thu May 26 06:36:47 UTC 2005


Steven Wittens:

> Actually you will run into some more problems. Drupal is designed to
> not use mbstring, because it is not available everywhere. We have our
> own functions for handling basic UTF-8 stuff (string truncation, mime
> header encode, etc). These functions assume they get direct access to
> the string's bytes.

Ok, I think I get it. The Drupal's *_utf8 functions use the "classic"
(non-multibyte) string manipulation functions as something that
manipulates on bytes, not characters, and *depend* on such behaviour,

> I have no idea how thorough mbstring override is, but you will
> certainly run into problems. Perhaps the best solution is to make
> Drupal explicitly check for mbstring and use it if present, otherwise
> use its own routines.

That seems to make sense. Do all of such Drupal wrapper functions
contain utf8 in their names? If not, is there some place that lists
all these functions, so I won't miss any?

If I come with a patch for this, should
I send it here or someplace else?

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