[drupal-devel] multibyte/mbstring in Drupal

Piotr Szotkowski shot at caltha.pl
Fri May 27 11:54:03 UTC 2005


Steven Wittens:

> Furthermore, mbstring behaves subtly different for some functions,
> e.g. throwing warnings when the standard ones don't complain. It
> seems to me that limiting our usage of mbstring to a few well-known
> and tested cases is much less likely to cause problems rather than
> overloading everywhere.
> I also believe that because of PHP's lack of distinguishing characters
> vs bytes, mbstring overloading is a bad idea regardless. If we allow
> mbstring overload, there is no guarantee for a simple PHP API call
> anymore.

Ok, I can understand this. So, is Drupal going to override any
system-wide setting, thus guaranteeing that the string functions
are not overloaded? This would make sense...

If I may ask for an opinion: What would be your approach to our
problem, e.g. Smarty's truncate function being not-multibyte aware?
Would you patch Smarty, write a mb_truncate Smarty wrapper, or what?

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