[drupal-devel] Admin theme?

K B kbahey at gmail.com
Mon May 30 02:56:47 UTC 2005


Whether we like it or not, perception is everything. The original
article gives Drupal high marks as the most feature laden CMS.

His style and language are vulgar for sure, but as I pointed
elsewhere, some people never get over high school style talk. Many
don't differentiate between chat, email, blogs, and use the same trash
talk everywhere.

The rest of the comments do not stem from a vacuum though. Let us deal
with the real issues (not the style) he raises (somehow) rather than
be in denial, and go in ad hominem mode.

(For the record: I love Drupal, and have been using it for almost two
years. I initially wanted something to run my semi-abandoned web
sites, and now it has become a passion on its own.)

"I'm using Drupal for a couple of community sites I run and it's not
really by choice. It is by far the most feature-laden OpenSource
content management engine there is. It's also a BITCH to use and
customize. A couple of really weird user interface issues bug me to
hell too. What in the name of HADES made them decide that a theme
just had to affect the editing interface too? You got any idea how
fuckin' troublesome it is to create a CSS file for all the editing
widgets and forms that nobody except me sees? I'm still stuck using
the downloaded themes for all my Drupal sites 'cos I simply can't be
bothered with creating a whole new theme for it."

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