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shenanigans maillist at roomity.com
Fri Nov 4 22:08:15 UTC 2005

I was interested in getting feedback from current communities of Roomity.com and let you know the recent improvements we are working on for better interface.

Roomity.com v 1.5 is a web 2.01/RiA poster child community webapp. This new version adds broadcast video, social networking such as favorite authors and html editor.

Its likely already you have groups and content you are already using but aggregated and safer, including technology, Java, etc., but it only works on broadband.


*This is not spam! I work for Roomity and are trying to find better ways to enhance our members' experience.

Broadband interface (RIA) + mail box saftey = <a href="http://Drupal_Developers_List.roomity.com">Drupal_Developers_List.roomity.com</a>
*Your* clubs, no sign up to read, ad supported; try broadband internet. ~~1131142095510~~
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