[development] Re: [drupal-devel] new CVS accounts

Jonathan Kamens jik at kamens.brookline.ma.us
Wed Nov 9 14:20:15 UTC 2005

Kobus Myburgh writes:
 > > However, we have a third custom module which I'm not sure yet whether
 > > I'm going to try to contribute to the community.  It's called
 > > "school_directory", and it provides a browseable, searchable directory
 > > of a school's parents, students and staff, including photos for
 > > parents and staff.  I'm not sure it's in a contributable state because
 > This would be very useful to me :-) Even in it's "rough around the
 > edges" state. I am maintaining 2 schools' sites and at the moment
 > we use the plain ole members module to give us some idea of the
 > users on the site. I would love to see this!

I'm happy to share the code; I just need to figure out the appropriate
way to do that.  This raises in my mind a question that can probably
be answered by the people on this list.... In general, how "solid"
should a contributed module be before it's put in the repository and

Using my school_directory module as a specific case.... It works just
fine, but using it requires some playing around in the back end to put
the data in the tables and the photos in the appropriate download
folder.  If I document in a README.txt what needs to be done to make
it work, can I then publish it as a contrib module, or do I need to
get rid of all those rough edges (i.e., add a supported mechanism
within the module's code for editing and importing data and photos)
before I can publish the module?

I'd like to think that if I do publish it in its current state, and
someone else finds it useful, they might be so kind as to add
enhancements and submit them to the issue tracker for me to merge into
my code base :-).



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