[development] Re: New CVS accounts

Tim Young tyoung93445 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 05:49:55 UTC 2005


How nice to find that my CVS account had been approved.  I started 
working with Drupal earlier this year just a bit before the baseball 
season started (www.pennant-race.com).  A lot of testing and learning 
going on with this site.  I'm working on another site right now and have 
plans for another when 4.7 comes out.

I've really enjoyed working with Drupal and wanted to work on providing 
more variety in the theme department and hopefully later doing some 
php.  I've just committed my new theme called Illusion to CVS.  I've 
used the excellent Kubrick theme as a base. 


Khalid B wrote:

>> I applied for a CVS account so that we can start to give something back to
>>the Drupal community.  I'm not a PHP guy, so I'm simply working on a theme
>>right now (which I staated in my application).  Hope to add value to the
>>project any way I can.
>Welcome aboard...
>Drupal really needs more variety and themes. It is one area where everyone would
>like to see more activity.
>Clean, fully functional, and easily customizable themes are the most needed.

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