[development] Re: [drupal-devel] Forms API documentation update

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Fri Nov 11 15:42:28 UTC 2005

Moshe Weitzman wrote:
> Angie Byron wrote:
>> Another update.
>> Tonight, Kieran, Károly, and I worked on http://drupal.org/node/37194 
>> which
>> presents a flowchart and code example comparing the "old" forms API 
>> with the new
>> one, for those who are more "visual" in their learning approach. 
>> Hopefully this
>> will prove valuable for people who are struggling a bit with the 
>> "bigger picture."
>> I've also added the following pages since the last update:
>> * Forms API FAQ: http://drupal.org/node/36899
>> * Tips and Tricks: http://drupal.org/node/36900
> Great job, guys and gals. Thanks much.

Absolutely.  You all rock!

Your dedication motivates me to do more for Drupal.


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