[development] Help with a CivicSpace Theme Layout... (Read it, you know you want to! :)

Trae McCombs occy at occy.net
Sat Nov 12 02:45:29 UTC 2005

Ok, so let me post a wee bit of information.  Please check this URL out 


This will, or should, bring you up to date on some of the terms I'm 
going to be using below.  The CivicSpace Theme (CST) is using some new 
concepts in themeing.

Anyway, my question currently is this.

The Federation Layout looks fine on Firefox, but for some reason it 
isn't working in IE.  Meaning, it doesn't match it's thumbnail.  If you 
simply compare both browsers, and notice how FF looks and IE doesn't 
then you should see what's wrong.  I can't figure out what is causing 
it.  Someone suggested #content, however that only changes the internal 

Here is the site where I am currently working on things, and the 
Federation Layout is selected at present:


Also, this may be of some use.  It is the Plan of action, or guide we 
are trying to use for the CST:


Please, feel free to join me on #cstheme on irc.freenode.net and discuss 
any of these issues.  I do look forward to your help.


PS. Kieran (Amazon) says I can blame him for this [and any and all 
further silly questions I have -- oh wait, maybe he didn't say all of 
that exactly. :)]

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