[development] Do I need to upgrade my database?

Eric Scouten es-lists at ericscouten.com
Sat Nov 12 05:45:56 UTC 2005

On 09 Nov 2005, at 13:24, Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Kieran Lal wrote:
>> Hi, as part of the Drupal administration user experience survey we
>> are improving the upgrade instructions for Drupal.  This was listed
>> as the 5th most difficult administration task.
>> During interviews with administrators we learned that people want to
>> know if they need to upgrade their database or just apply new files
>> as in the recent security releases.
>> I have created a page: Do I need upgrade my database? http://
>> drupal.org/node/37017
>> I was told that the changelog ( http://drupal.org/CHANGELOG.txt )
>> contained this information.  But it is not obvious to me.  How do I
>> create an official list of which releases require a DB update?
> Rule of thumb:
> Major releases have a db upgrade, minor ones don't.
> The latter was not true for the 4.6.1 release, I think. It was the  
> first
> to break the rule, IIRC.

Speaking of such, I think there may be a lurking problem with the  
4.6.x (where x>0) to 4.7 upgrade.

IIRC, the mechanism for determining what updates need to be applied  
is a string >= comparison on the date of the update.

The last update for 4.6.0 was "2005-03-21" (I think). Since then,  
there have been a number of updates in the 4.6.x trunk and a  
different sequence of updates in the 4.7 trunk. I think this creates  
the risk that some of the 4.7 upgrades (i.e. those with dates <= the  
4.6.x upgrades) will get skipped.

Has anyone verified that the 4.6.x -> 4.7 upgrade does in fact get  
all of the 4.7 schema updates? I can't; I just don't have time to  
spend on Drupal until well after the 4.7 release.


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