[development] Forms API Question - Node with table like poll.module

Simon Lindsay simon at dirtbike.ws
Sat Nov 12 11:42:46 UTC 2005

Karoly Negyesi wrote:
> form['entries']['#theme'] = 'mymodule_foo';
> function theme_mymodule_foo($form) {
> }
> For examples, I'd grep on element_children (though there are quite a 
> few  forms that got updated before element_children was born).

OK, but the timesheet module is an extension of node.module, and you're 
supposed to "return $form;" at the end of the "function 
timesheet_form(&$node)", not "return 
drupal_get_form('timesheet_entries', $form);".

However, doing the "return $form" means that the theme doesn't get 
called, and doing the "drupal_get_form" gives array errors.

I can't find a module that extends node that uses the themeing for node 
submission (despite quite a bit of grepping), although several use it 
for administration. If anyone can point one out to me, or where I'm 
going wrong, that would be great.


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