[development] Files on previews

Ber Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sat Nov 12 14:24:12 UTC 2005

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005 22:18:44 -0500
James Walker <walkah at walkah.net> wrote:

> I won't go so far as to say maybe upload.module should do something 
> similar... ;)

I like this. It sounds like a much better solution then what upload has now. 

Now, in my world, I dont have that much trouble with dangling images due to peoples ugly operating systems crashing (or ppl closing the browsers). I /do/ have a lot of trouble with GD and or imagemagic crashing (mostly because morons cannot understand the difference between a 20Meg image and a 500k one!). 

One of my reasons for starting this general upload stuff, is to be able to handle these kind of problems in a central place.

My plan in my new system is to uplaod the image, and even insert it in the table. if its there, if it has a uid/nid/wid (whateverid) it is finished, finito. even if a browser crashes: its there. 

files without an id are indeed orphans (like walkahs images in /tmp) as are files that were processed, but not yet inserted in that table. 
A cron can then delete all non-wid files from the table AND the FS. And a cron can delete all files from the FS that are not in the databasetable. 


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