[development] Drupal Enhancement Proposals (DEPs)

puregin puregin at puregin.org
Sun Nov 13 10:01:46 UTC 2005

I like Adrian's idea of formalizing the development communications
process for Core.

The 'Issues' mechanism is suited for small and focused changes, but
not really appropriate for large scale changes that cut across
many modules / projects and/or have significant API changes.

Discussions on a mailing list or IRC are ephemeral and/or
divergent - it's hard to go to a single source for history,
status, and proposed changes.

I think that the proposed DEP process  (though it  will involve
more overhead) will make teams and projects visible and
accountable, and enable ownership of projects.  It may also help
to define roles for participants who might be willing but feeling
that they don't know where to jump in.


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