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Please update http://drupal.org/node/23789 a little, you explain it so much 
better, then I do. 
Also, we could choose to make that page more prominent.

All in all, i totally agree that this is a big problem, but I don't know a 
solution. You are right to state, that this /is/ a problem. But an example of 
where this collaboration worked well, was links [1]: 

Anyone doing anything with weblinks should *really* check that project. There 
are APIs tables, modules, hooks, and what more for your weblinks in there.

But also; I think anyone needs to monitor the projects [2] and contact the 
author if someone checks in a project that does what your project has done 
for years already. 

Oh, and last, I think we could set up a smal team on drupal.org and get approx 
20 people who can "unpublish" projects. This needs no code, just some 
guidelines. Unpublishing projects can be done after sommunication with an 
author and after a project was found unfit for drupal.org.


Op vrijdag 18 november 2005 16:29, schreef Allie Micka:
> The 4.7 / Forms API  upgrade is going to create a learning curve for
> many module developers, and some of the less-active module owners may
> not have the time and inclination to make the switch.  That could be
> good news.
> A lot of these efforts are "learning experiences" that are not being
> maintained at all.  Some of the authors can't be reached, and if
> you're too polite to overwrite those modules you start new.  Some
> developers feel that it's more rewarding to have their name in lights
> than to collaborate on a module that's more useful and stable
> overall.  Some people just don't play well with others.
> As an alternative to upgrading, some module developers could look at
> modules with similar functionality and try to help upgrade and
> enhance those.  Do we really need 3 Amazon modules?  6 "mail this
> thing" modules? (one of these is my fault)  Can the Flikr Block
> module be part of the Flikr Module?  The list is endless.
> This is a big problem for new Drupal users and old timers alike.
> It's not clear which modules are being maintained and how well they
> work.  A few months ago, I tried all the Amazon modules and
> discovered that each gave me about 60% of a solution.  I finally just
> dropped the idea if using Amazon at all.  I'm sure this sort of thing
> happens a lot, and we never even hear about it.
> I'm not saying that any of these modules deserves to die, or that
> they can't possibly be bringing anything new to the table, but I
> would offer these suggestions:
>    - As part of the call for upgrades 4.7, recommend that module
> developers try to combine efforts
>    - Encourage people to maintain TODO lists for modules so that
> others can understand overall goals and see if added functionality
> would be useful
>    - Encourage people to archive and retire their abandoned projects
> from CVS.
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