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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Nov 18 20:48:23 UTC 2005

On 18-Nov-05, at 7:46 AM, Earl Dunovant wrote:

> I think I'm seen as one who doesn't play well with others...I've  
> noticed my comments only get responses when someone thinks they can  
> correct me. You got gatekeepers here like in any other group, and  
> I'm finally going to mention something that annoyed me. Before  
> becoming familiar with the cultural aspects of this group AAT  
> shipped with my associate code as the default. I figured anyone  
> that used it would change it. Lot of objections...we don't want  
> people to think we're hustling them. So fine, i change it...as I  
> said, I didn't feel it would have a significant impact one way or  
> the other. The comment said i changed it because community  
> sentiment ran against it. I got an email complaining that I said it  
> was "mere sentiment." My response was, relax...your project, so  
> your sentiment is enough reason to change it.

Just wanted to say Earl that I've been following your work on your  
blog with aggregator/paggregator with interest. It's a core module  
that only sporadically gets attention.

I had brought up before that we might consider designated maintainers  
for core modules -- see http://drupal.org/node/34439 -- there are  
still the majority that are theoretically "maintained" by Dries.  
Dries, do you want to speak up and say which ones you *actually* want  
to maintain, which might be in need of an official maintainer, etc.?

I agree with many of Dan's comments, and some of those are "in  
progress" with upgrades to the project.module being funded by CS Labs  
and implemented by nedjo. We probably need more of a battle plan and  
assigning dev tasks to people to get some of the other work done, as  
outlined by the recent poll results.

Lastly, the concept of "verified" modules (e.g. image, event) that  
are non-core has been brought up a couple of times. Essentially, the  
question becomes, how do modules become verified? Some thoughts I've  
had are:
* at least 2 "maintainers", both of which agree to commit patches  
regarding bugs, etc.
* a commitment from those maintainers to keep updating/port to the  
next version
* ???


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