[development] Another translation module

Fehér János feher.janos at mindworks.hu
Tue Nov 22 12:32:51 UTC 2005


2005-11-21, h keltezéssel 13.48-kor Jose A. Reyero ezt írta:
> I've been looking at your module, mostly looking for some new ideas to
> add into i18n module :-) -Btw, the .htaccess part of the patch doesn't apply

Do you have any specification or detailed roadmap about the future of 

> links is quite different. Actually, I was thinking of adding some
> options about that 'links to node translations' in next version of i18n
> module.

Absolutely agreed. Can we think about it as an other (kind) 
implementation of revisioning system?

> Besides that, I think both modules share the same goal, and quite
> similar approach. So, could you tell me the features you are missing in
> i18n.module so maybe we can work out something together?

Relations between the original version and the translated one, not for
only nodes but menu, taxonomy, etc.

My problem is that, when I switch to an other language, the node / 
taxonomy system won't switch. There's no real relation between the
original and the translated site, they're separated.

But i18n are not just about translation, but date, currency, eg. 
formats, regions, countries, counties, taxes, currency rates and
much much more. The developers should take care about that. Because
it's a large problem, you should specify it before you try to implement


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