[development] Usability testing

Dan Robinson dan at drob.org
Wed Nov 23 05:18:56 UTC 2005

>> The biggest problem our users had, as it turns out, was that there
>> were often three or more ways to solve the same problem (do I post my
>> meeting annoucenment in forums? as an event? in my blog? post it to
>> the non-Drupal classifieds?)
>> Now Drupal only runs 70% of the site, so not all the results are
>> Drupal related.  if the devel group is interested, I'll see if I can
>> get some corporate permission to share the results (if not the actual
>> video) for those who are interested. 
> thanks for the offer, Ken.
> IMO, there isn't much that the drupal development team can do to fix
> this problem. it is an information architecture problem first, and
> then Drupal can be used to skillfully implement your plan. expecting
> drupal to address this is unrealistic IMO.

Ken's comments are very interesting (and ring authentic to me).  I
understand and agree with Moshe that this is a problem that is not being
dealt with by Drupal right now as an information architecture problem. 
However I also believe that there are solution sets that will deal with
many common problems (like the one's that Ken has outlined).  If we had
another module "layer" and made the system easier for folks to create
distros it would go a long way towards improving usability for a large
number of users (IMHO).

> -moshe

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