[development] One core,many distributions

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Wed Nov 23 17:06:12 UTC 2005

> Check out the Google results on these phrase and term combinations:
> "Drupal sucks" 627 hits
> "Mambo sucks" 289 hits
> "PostNuke sucks" 341 hits
> "Plone sucks" 123 hits

 I only got 165 hits for "drupal sucks", and the first two were my posts
on drupal.org explaining why it doesn't suck. :-) I should take that
phrase out of my .sig on drupal.org -- with drupal's good SEO results, I
could drive the number of hits for that term up singlehandedly. :-)

It's also a matter of what you're looking for. 

"Drupal is powerful" - 207 hits
"Mambo is powerful" - 75 hits
"PostNuke is powerful" - 16 hits
"Plone is powerful" - 362 hits

"Drupal is flexible" - 246 hits
"Mambo is flexible" - 32 hits
"PostNuke is flexible" - 0 hits
"Plone is flexible" - 3 hits

There's always a danger in putting too much weight on google results
like that -- even using it to measure 'buzz' is touchy due to the way
search engines work. That said, if people are saying that Drupal sucks,
it might be good to ask why. I notice that a lot of the 'Drupal Sucks'
flames (the ones that were actually about Drupal) revolved around the
limitations of the forum system. That point certainly is a good one.


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